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                                                    Leslie Wallace- Coon 

The inspiration of my works come from everyday life, from the visible world of people, animals, and my surroundings.  What I see are humorous contradictions and extremes, all working to make art real for me.  Domestic animals are the inspiration because of the humerus physical and “super-imposed” human characteristics I see in them.  The relationships between men and women and their pets are also a very large part of my portfolio. I focus on stories within details so that the viewer will find themselves wondering into my pieces. I consider myself an illustrator with a sculptural leaning.  My goal is to create work that compels you to look, laugh, and become caught up in the same attention to details and subjects that inspire me. 
Galleries and Selected Exhibitions 

Bowery Art Gallery, Apalachicola, FL, 2011- ;  Alan Avery Gallery, Atlanta, GA , 2010; 
The Art of Mosaic, Somerville, MA Exhibition dates: Sept. 6- Oct. 6,2007;  Open Windows Art Project, Somerville, MA, Exhibition dates: Oct. 6-Nov. 3, 2006;  Somerville Open Studios, Somerville, MA,  2005 & 2006;  Artrages Gallery, Atlanta, GA,1996-2001; Carabaux Gallery, New Orleans, LA, 1198-2000; Mobilia Gallery, "The Tea Pot Redefined Part II", Cambridge, MA 1199 ;  Judy’s at the Rink, New Orleans, LA, 1198-1999;  Gallery Royal, New Orleans, LA. 1996-1997; Trinity Gallery, Atlanta, GA, 1990-2000;  Fanny Garver Gallery, Madison, WI;  Macon Museum of Fine Arts, "Prints, Pallets, and Pots", 1996, Macon, GA;   Dorothy McRae Gallery, Atlanta, GA;   Art Space Gallery, Atlanta, GA;  Portfolio Gallery, "Five Women Artists", 1989-1992, Atlanta, GA Wisconsin Print Exhibition, 1981, University of Wisconsin;  
                                                       Graham & Ann Gund, Cambridge, Ma.,  
                                 Macon Museum of Fine Arts, Macon, Ga.,                                  
Tramel Crow Development, Atlanta, Ga.,  
Ann Rice, New Orleans, La.,  
University of Georgia, Athens, Ga., 
T Marshall Han, Atlanta, Ga.,
Richard Fleishman, Cleveland, Oh. 
John Portman Jr., Atlanta, Ga.,  


University of Georgia, BFA in Painting/ Drawing & BFA in Printmaking  Kennesaw State College,  Marietta, GA.   BA, Art Education K-12
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